Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What are Postprocessors?
A Postprocessor is a computer program that translates tool motion data from an NC programming system into a part program for a numerically controlled machine tool.   A Postprocessor is written to translate data from a particular part programming system into a part program for a particular machine tool equipped with a particular numerical controller.   When all the elements (part programming system, postprocessor program, and controller software or firmware) are working correctly,   the machine tool - under computer control - produces machined parts as programmed by the part programmer.

2.    Do you use a Postprocessor generating program? - that I can buy?
No.    No again.

3.    Then what do you use?
Our postprocessors are written from scratch using the latest version of C++ from a major compiler vendor.

4.    Do you work from a library of Postprocessors that you resell as frequently as possible?
No.  Your Postprocessor is always built from scratch to your specifications.  (We do, however, have a large collection of C++ Objects designed for various postprocessing functions.  Much of the effort in writing your Postprocessor involves assembling these objects into a coherent program.)

5.    To what extent must I and can I configure the Postprocessor after I get it installed?
Since the Postprocessor is written to your exact specifications, typically after you enter three default file directories, you're done.  Then too, since the Postprocessor is written to your exact specifications, any pre-agreed option can be built into the program and placed under your control.

6.    What exactly do I need to run the program?
A minimally configured Windows® 2000, XP, Vista or 7 system.

7.    How much does a Postprocessor cost?
From $1000 to $5000 depending on the number of simultaneous axes, controller,  machine, options,  part programming system, and so on.

8.    This sounds good.  How do I get more info?
Click the "Contact Us" item on the menu bar above.